I got answers.

I hope you got questions.


So you're non-binary?

What are your pronouns?
They/Them please!

What's it like being non-binary?
That's actually a pretty big question, and I'm not sure how well I can explain it here. Just imagine the 'gender box' on all those medical forms being a giant ?

How do you say your last name?
Deaver is said like Dee-ver. It rhymes with 'beaver’ and ‘cleaver’

What song does Nathan show Ben towards the end of I Wish You All the Best?
The Good Side by Troye Sivan

Will your books be available in (insert country here)?
I Wish You All the Best is only available in the US and Canada as of right now. We’ve sold the rights in English (US & Canada), Spanish, and Vietnamese. The English version is available now, and the Spanish and Vietnamese editions will be available later. Other than that, the book is available as an import from the US, so check Amazon in your country or talk to your local bookstores about ordering a copy!

All other books, to my knowledge, have only sold rights in the US and Canada as well, so it’s the same solution. Contact your local bookstore or search on Amazon to see if they’re available.

Will you ever write a book from Nathan’s POV?
The short answer is: no.

The longer answer is: Nathan is a bisexual black boy, so if I wrote a book from his point-of-view, I’d be writing a book about a bisexual black boy. Not only are there so many nuances and details that come from being black and queer that I’d be unable to write or portray realistically, but there’s also an extreme shortage of queer black stories out there, especially stories about queer black boys.

So, no. There won’t be a Nathan POV story because I don’t want to take the space of a queer black narrative away from an actual queer black author. Unfortunately, I don’t have many that I can recommend you read if you’re looking for any stories like this. I’d say check out This Is Kind of An Epic Love Story by Kacen Callender and How to Be Remy Cameron by Julian Winters.

And be on the look out for Jake in the Box (2020) by Ryan Douglass, Until You Come Back (2020) by Jay Coles, and Felix Ever After (2020) by Kacen Callender which are all stories about queer black boys.

Will there ever be a sequel to I Wish You All the Best?
I don’t want to say never, but for me, Ben and Nathan’s story is done. I don’t know where I’d take them in another full 300-page book. I’m not saying you’ll never see them ever again. I’d love to revisit Ben and Nathan and everyone else in some way in the future, but there are no guarantees in this world dear reader!

How do you write?
It’s different for every single book so far. What I can tell you is the same between all of them is tons and tons of messy drafts that I just keep going and going back to. There’s a lot of work I put into my books, even the ones that we don’t sell.

How'd you get your agent?
Just the way you'd expect, querying! When it comes to finding the right agent, my number one piece of advice to finding someone to represent you is to go to your bookshelf and find a book similar to yours.

Either in voice, tone, or genre, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that a majority of authors thank their agents in their acknowledgements, and that’s a good starting off point to find someone who represents the type of work you’re trying to publish. After that you write your query, and give the agent whatever they’re looking for in terms of your manuscript.

Can I send you my book?
While I appreciate the offer, I can't really do that, sorry!

What are you writing now?
Far too many things, but currently my second novel The Ghosts We Keep has a lot of my attention.

Can you recommend any books?
Oh boy, can I? Frankly I have way too many but bare with me for a second.